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Eco-Eatery NOW OPEN

Our Eco-Eatery is now OPEN. The Eco-Eatery is located on the second floor of the museum. The Eco-Eatery has a nice selection of snacks and quick bites available. It adds a place to find food while at the museum and has plenty of seating and tables. The Eco-Eatery focuses on reducing landfill waste, using compostable and recyclable materials, while helping families make healthy food choices.  

The Bieser Room of Wonders

Bieser Room of Wonders: Is now open to the Public. A complete transformation of the Bieser Discovery Center has been completed on the first floor of the museum. The final step in a multi-year project to better display more artifacts from our 1.8 million object collection. It is a family friendly learning environment, with an emphasis on discovery. In this space you are able to see some of our impressive collection like never before, taking a deeper look at our history and learn why natural history museums are so important to current and future generations. 

The Bieser Room of Wonders

SunWatch Upgrades

SunWatch NEH Grant: A multi-year project has begun the construction phase. Through a matching grant for capital improvements by the National Endowment for the Humanities, we are making some much needed updates to the SunWatch Interpretive Center! These are updates that will help make the site safer, such as parking lot lighting, added security, and more accessibility; while updating some aesthetics like our observation deck and repaving the parking lot. 

The Return of the Bees

Honeybees have returned to the Boonshoft! Thanks to a sponsorship from Scherzinger Pest Control, the observation beehive in the treehouse is abuzz now at the museum. Honeybees play an invaluable role in our lives through pollinating many agricultural crops and native plants.  A few of the crops that depend on honeybee pollination are apples, almonds, melons, and cherries. Honeybees are also excellent producers of beeswax and honey, which are some pretty sweet benefits. This beehive allows us the unique and exciting opportunity to observe the fascinating day-to-day proceedings and interactions of the honeybee colony!