Enjoy an immersive overnight experience at one of our locations!

Starting in May 2023 Boonshoft Museum and SunWatch Village will be booking overnight programs. Groups can also choose from many different options to enhance their stay: Planetarium shows, Science Theater Demonstrations, SunWatch Tours, Animal Shows, Scout Badges, and many of the STEM to You programs that are available in the STEM Catalogue.

Contact us today for more information or to book your evening with us! 

Standard Rate: $35/person (children, chaperones/adults)  

  • 1:5 adult ratio, free adult for every 5 children
  • An adult chaperone must be 18 or older.  
  • Ratio is mandatory.
  • Timeframe: 7pm-9am, once museum opens, the group can visit the museum the following day.  
  • Programming/free time in the museum will happen between 7-11pm.  
  • Lights out time- 11pm, negotiable based on age.  
  • Fridays and Saturdays only, 1 per weekend 
  • Minimum group size of 10, or pay $350 for a group smaller than 10 
  • Maximum number for sleeping: 100 MEH, 50-75 EDU Lobby @ BMD (150 max.), 50 @ SunWatch (in both upstairs classrooms) 
  • Chaperones in all locations children are sleeping. Staff members will be just outside each sleeping area.  
  • 1 educator/30 kids, 2 educators/40+ kids 

Add-on Options (not all options would be available on all dates, seasonality, programs would happen between 7pm and 10pm) 

  • Scout Badges: charge same rate as regular time frame. ($12 per student participating per badge, minimum $120 program fee, covers 10 students, additional $12 per student after 10).  
  • In-House Programming: 60 min STY program $150/30 students (cannot have over 30 students per session, will be charged for each session even if they are not 30 people) 
  • Planetarium (BMD only): 30 min $75/30 min (up to 30 people) + $5 per additional student over 30 students (up to 170 people) 
  • Science Theater (BMD only): 30 min $75/30 min + $5 additional students over 30 students (up to 48 people) 
  • Animal Show (BMD only): 30 min $75/30 min (up to 50 people) 
  • Escape Room (BMD only): 60 min $30/person (up to 12 people participating)  
  • Discovery Tour (SunWatch only): $225/30 students, 90-minute tour 
    • Seasonal Start Times based on sunset 


  • We will only be serving a continental breakfast, prepackaged foods only.  
  • Please state your dietary needs or restrictions ahead of time.  
  • Can bring in own dinner/snacks. Must provide their own materials like plates, napkins, utensils, etc.  
  • We do not have microwaves or other cooking equipment available for use on site.