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Our Eco Eatery manager, Michael “Nails” Kubilius, brings 12 years of experience in the restaurant industry, including his time at Corner Kitchen, Loose Ends, and Blind Bob’s. With his talent, we now offer not only fresh salads and sandwiches, but so much more! He loves to bake and make his menu items from scratch using the least amount of pre-made/pre-packaged products as possible. This leads to fresher foods, less waste, and delicious offerings. Some of his menu items include baked potatoes, gyros, fancy chicken sandwiches, and scratch-made muffins, cookies, and bars.

Help us implement earth-friendly practices in our Eco Eatery by following our proper disposal guide

By partnering with the Dayton Foodbank, we’ve helped 204 lbs of food scraps and compostable materials avoid landfills

To learn more about what The Foodbank does for the Dayton community, click here.